• The vision of The Marion Bridge and Area Community Development Council is to maintain and better the quality of life for the community of Marion Bridge and surrounding area.


In order to achieve its Vision, the Council has as its mission:

  • To manage a community building which provides a range of activities that is accessible to the local community.
  • To further develop and update the building to meet the needs and expectations of the community.
  • To accommodate local community groups and public sector organizations in order to provide quality services for residents.
  • To develop a sense of ownership in civic life, providing local residents with self-development, volunteering and in local governance.


The Council operates within the following values:

Community Cohesion – The strength of the community is reliant on a commitment that all individuals are equal community members regardless of status, cultural backgrounds and beliefs, and that this is achieved through mutual respect and

Partnership – The council commits to fostering relationships with other organizations to enhance and support activities that benefit the community. It is recognized that only through cooperation with public sector bodies, private enterprises and community groups will there be strength and advancement of the community as a whole.

Accountability – The Council is responsible and accountable to the community through the AGM and its election of officers.

Fiscal Responsibility – The council will always act in the best interest of the community building ensuring a sustainable future. This will be achieved through sound fiscal management and income generation.